The object of the this game is to paint as much of the canvas as you can. Use the mouse to position the paint shooter and click to send a beam of paint across the canvas. Use the Space Bar to change the beam's orientation. Watch out for the floating spheres bouncing around, hitting one will destroy the beam and cost you a "life". When enough of the canvas is filled in, you will proceed to a more challenging level. Have fun!


• Use the mouse to move the painter.
• Click to start painting a line.
• Press the Space Bar Change orientation (vertical or horizontal) of painter.

Development Info:

This game is written in 100% JavaScript and uses the <canvas> element for drawing graphics to the screen. It's one of my first ever games and was made mostly for me to learn various game-making techniques. I wrote it a few years ago, and it's not a great example of "good" coding or game making practices, but it works. I also understand that it's not an original idea, and the first game like this (that I'm aware of) was called "Jezzball" and there have been many variations of this game, my personal favourite was "Barrack" by Ambrosia Software.

Fun Fact:

The name is a reference to the Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian.